Electronic Data Interchange Features

  • Business Rule Engine

    Provides customers or PDS support to change some rules based on operations' current requirements without the need of changing applications allowing the change to take effect within minutes.

    Provides rules including but not limitted to automatically accepting number of loads by customer, specific days and other more rules before auto declining new loads allowing the customer to accepts loads that could only be handled.

    Provides customers with Automatic Acceptance and decline of EDI Load tenders based on the rule provided/defined in the system.

    Provides e-mail notification and acceptance/decline through the e-mail received without going through the applcation.

    Provides e-mail rule notification to notify specific employees based on after office hours and/or holidays.

  • Processing

    Provides ability to tailor the information to be transmitted specifically to the needs of the customer.

    Retrieves freight bill information from the System database and prepares it for transmission

    Provides the creation of specific load status messages and prepares it for transmission.

    Load tendering information from shipper can be sent to carrier

    Freight Billing information from carrier can be sent to shipper

    Dispatch is automatically prompted on all EDI shipments to audit any status changes

    EDI (new-customer-entry) allows for quick setup of new shippers and their special requirements

    Provides internal application messages to specific users about new loads received and allows the user to accept or decline the load tender received.

  • Reporting

    Listing of all information transmitted for a specific customer.

    Listing of information for all customers regarding inbound and outbound shipments.

    Provides Customer Specific reports required for day to day operations or reports for decision-makers as needs arrises.