Features Of Fleet Maintenace

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance notification can be sent based on frequency in days, miles, hours.

    Work Order Entry can be defined based on internal shop or external vendor in which an Accounts Payable entry can automantically be created.

    Work Order automatically updates inventory with the parts used and General Ledger entries are created based on the parts definitions.

    Preventive maintenance notification is integrated to dispatch module giving dispatchers the information about scheduled maintenance for equipment in used or being pre-planned.

  • Parts Inventory

    Tracks inventory of all parts based what is currently at hand and parts that are in order status.

    Defines General Ledger affected upon completion of a work order for particular parts.

    Handles Parts statuses, Multi-level price, Re-order alerts for low parts level and handles multiple shop locations.

    Provides Purchase Order entry for parts that both updates the inventory and General Ledger.

  • Tire Inventory

    Records serial and or brand numbers.

    Repairs and tread wear tracked.

    Retread tracked until failure or sell of carcass

    Mileage analysis on all new and retread tires by manufacturer and design